Freeware & Trial Downloads

The Active@ Disk Image Professional Trial is a fully functional version which will expire after 21 days.

You can download two versions of trial software — with and without a bootable CD image. The version without bootable CD is only 24MB while the one with bootable CD/DVD/USB image is 344MB.


Freeware version 9.0.0 (Windows)

  • Backup & restore your disks for free!
  • license and documentation included
Installer only. Size: 24 MB

Professional Trial version 9.0.0 (Windows)

  • 21-day fully functional trial
  • license and documentation
Installer only. Size: 24 MB
Download Mirror
Installer only. Size: 21 MB
Installer & Bootable CD/USB. Size: 344 MB

Freeware version 2.1 (DOS) :

  • Freeware software for DOS
Size: 2.4 MB (zip)
  • Zip archive content:
  • BootDiskCreator.exe — Boot Disk Creator utility. Use it to make a floppy or USB flash bootable disk containing free Disk Image for DOS software.
  • disk_img.iso — Bootable ISO image for CD. If you want to boot from CD, burn this image to a blank CD and boot from it (contains free Disk Image software).
  • disk_img.exe — DOS executable. Run it directly in DOS environment.
  • dos4gw.exe — Auxiliary component for disk_img.exe
  • disk_img.pdf — User Manual in PDF format
  • license.txt — End user license agreement

Upgrade/Update Policy

If you would like to upgrade/update your current version of the software please visit our Customer Support Center to log in with your client profile.

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Active@ Disk Image brings even more functionality as a component of the Windows-based Boot Disk that comes with a collection of powerful disk and security utilities.

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IT reviewers

IT reviewers are encouraged to use this software and any other related materials. We will be pleased to grant you a registered version for free.

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