Technical Questions

I have deleted my system partition and I want to restore an image that I made earlier. I've had trouble with other backup programs not being able to restore an image completely and it won't boot. Will I be able to restore the image with no boot problems using the recovery disk?

There are two ways that Active@ Disk Image can facilitate this scenario.

  • You may take a complete RAW image of the hard drive in which case the complete drive, sector-by-sector is saved to the image file. This option takes up more space as it is equal to the physical size of the whole disk.
  • The second option is to take a Backup image of the Boot Partition only.In this case, Active@ Disk Image includes the MBR and track 0 of the disk in case there are any boot loaders in use. Upon restoring the image, you will have the option to include the MBR and track 0 as part of restoring the bootable partition.

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