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How to load Active@ Boot Disk over the network via PXE environment?

There are several steps required, configuring WinPE WIM, Boot Manager and PXE Server.

For the configuration steps, let's assume that inserted Active@ Boot Disk has a D: letter in our configuration environment.

Step 1: Copy WinPE Source Files onto PXE Server

  • Map a network connection to the root TFTP directory on the PXE/TFTP server and create there a \Boot folder
  • Copy the Boot.sdi file from D:\Boot folder of Active@ Boot Disk to the \Boot folder on PXE/TFTP server
  • Copy the bootable Windows PE image (D:\ Sources\Boot.wim) to the \Boot folder on PXE/TFTP server

Step 2: Configure boot configuration

  • On a Windows® 7 computer or in a Windows PE environment, create a BCD store by using the BCDEdit tool
  • Create the RAMDISK setting, BOOTMGR and OSLoader settings for the Windows PE image
  • Copy the BCD file to the \Boot folder on PXE/TFTP server
  • Configure your PXE/TFTP server to point PXE clients to download

Step 3: Deployment process

  • A client is directed (by using DHCP Options or the PXE Server response) to download
  • validates the DHCP/PXE response packet and proceeds to download
  • downloads Bootmgr.exe and the BCD store. The BCD store must reside in a \Boot directory in the TFTP root folder. Additionally, the BCD store must be called BCD
  • Bootmgr.exe reads the BCD operating system entries and downloads Boot.sdi and the Windows PE image
  • Bootmgr.exe begins booting Windows PE by running Winload.exe within the Windows PE image

For more detailed instructions, read Microsoft TechNet official documentation

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