Restoring a Partition

If you have chosen to restore a partition, you are said to be in "Partition Mode". You are going to restore a single partition that is stored in the disk image archive. You will have control over the parameters of the operation. You may restore to an existing partition (by overwriting it) or to unallocated space, provided that the target partition is large enough.

Exclusive access to the target

If the selected target is not unallocated space, the restore operation must have exclusive access to the target partition while restoring the disk image.

Before you confirm the details of the restoring operation, disk image software Active@ Disk Image attempts to lock the target partition for exclusive access. If another application or the operating system is using the target partition, you must close all applications or system processes that may be using the target partition.

If you cannot lock the target disk after closing applications and system processes, there are other alternatives that you may try:

  • Choose a different partition — Try to restore the disk image to a different partition.
  • Restart the computer — Choosing this option will lead to rebooting your machine, so please close all applications first before selecting it. As an alternative you might restart your computer in a normal way. After you restart, start data backup software Active @ Disk Image and repeat the attempt to restore the disk image.
  • Force volume dismount — If you don't know what is preventing the partition from being locked, use force volume dismount. Keep in mind that all open file handles on the target partition will become invalid and the application that opened them might crash.
Disk Image software

Although force volume dismount will work in most cases, it will not allow exclusive access when you are restoring a disk image to a system partition or to a partition that is involved with system memory pagefiling.

If you are dealing with either of these two cases, you may run disk backup software Active@ Disk Image from a bootable CD or start your computer in such a way that the target partition is not part of the operating system.

You can do this on a computer with multiple systems installed, by booting a different system or you can remove the target disk and install it into another computer where it will not be a system disk.