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Searching for Files and Folders

To locate specific files and folders:

  1. If you know exactly where the files or folders are located, you can use the direct location procedure. After the disk image has been opened, manually navigate to the folder path the same way as you would in Windows Explorer.
  2. If you are not certain where the deleted file or folder is located, try the Search mode. Select a drive or folder and click Search Disk Backup Software on the toolbar, or right-click the drive or folder and choose Search in the context menu. Do the following in the Advanced Search dialog box:
    1. To find a file by name, enter the file name in the Find what field. Advanced Search will search for files that match the name. You may enter part of the file name and use an asterisk (*) to represent the rest of the name.
    2. To find a file in a specified location, choose a location in the Find where drop-down list.
    3. To search by file type, choose a file type from the File type drop-down list.
    4. To use case sensitive search, clear the Case insensitive search check box.
    5. To search for a file based on a date, select the Created, Modified or Accessed check boxes and enter a From and To date range.
    6. To search for a file based on the size of the file, select the Size check box and enter a From and To size range.
    7. Click Find.
      Disk Backup Software: Advanced Search
  3. After the search is complete, examine the Search Results virtual folder.

When you are using a search pattern in Advanced Search, it is the same pattern recognized when searching in Microsoft Windows.
The asterisk symbol (*) in the pattern means that at this place can be zero or any number of any symbols.

  *          - All files on the drive or in the folder
  *.TXT      - All files with "TXT" extension
  My*. *      - All files starting with "My"
  MyFile.txt - Search for the file named "MyFile.txt"

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